New Term- New Project

During this term, the project that we are working on (4 years old class) is about plants and insects. As you know, in every project we usually read some popular books related with the topic, so this time, we have chosen “The very hungry caterpillar”. What a wonderful book! It teaches kids about eating healthfully and the process of becoming… Read more →

Early Humans Project

Can you imagine yourself travelling back in time? We have done it in 5 years old class and it has been terrorific! We have learned how they lived working on a super project about early humans and we can tell you everything we know about it now. Do you want to take a look?! Read more →


Easter Bunny!

Since a few days ago, we have been receiving different clues around Infant Education building: cards with messages, rabbit foot prints on the carpets… so that means…..something is going to happen!! Toda y is the last day before Easter holidays, and as every year someone very special has come to visit us. Can you guess who? …. Yesss! Easter bunny!!… Read more →

Technology Project: Find a New Technology Gadget

Last week in English Conversation with 5th Grade we presented our Technology Projects. The students worked in groups to find a new technology gadget that was released in 2017 or 2018 and they researched it. They discovered what each thing could do, how much it cost, how it compared to similar models and other interesting information. Among the gadgets chosen were a talking robot nanny, a smart bed and an underwater drone.

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Master Chef

The past couple of weeks in English Conversation we’ve been working on a Master Chef Project in 6th grade. First, we learned many cooking verbs and then we chose a recipe to make. The students made a video showing how to prepare their food or showed a keynote presentation to their classmates. After that, we got to try all of the delicious food!

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Project Based Learning

At our school, we use a Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy in Infant Education. It is a student centered pedagogy where kids learn about a subject. It integrates knowing and doing, and it involves teachers, children and families too. There is no right or wrong answer so it helps children to take risks and learn a lot! As we all… Read more →

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We’ve been learning about jobs in 5 years old, Leopards’ class. Doctor, police officer, vet, firefighter, dentist, pilot, librarian… They identified jobs they already knew and jobs their family members have. They also learned some new and did role-play. And much more! A storyelling, a song, a self- portrait and very interesting conversations.                … Read more →



Hi everyone! This is the third time we display the Food Pyramid on the walls of our school. We are learning about Healthy habits and healthy choices when living, sleeping and eating. Our 6th graders have made models of foods on cardboard and stuck them on this huge pyramid. Apart from the foods you will find extra information about the… Read more →

Wild Animals and Pets

We continued to learn about animals in 1st Grade this week and we practiced distinguishing between pets and wild animals. First, we watched a video about a young girl’s favorite pet and then we played the flyswatter game, as seen in the photos. At the end of class, the students worked on an animal crossword puzzle in pairs.   Read more →


Winter Olympics 2018

This week, in 6th grade, we learned about Winter Olympic Sports, given that the Winter Olympics just took place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. First, we read about each of the sports and then we categorised them according to the type of sport. After that, we played Jeopardy to test what we learned. The students really enjoyed it!   Read more →


Animal Book Project

Animals are always exciting for children. This time, after finishing the unit in First Grade we decided to carry on with a fun project to expand our vocabulary and develop a thinking skill: sequencing a story based on what animal can do. There we go with the Animal Foldable Book! Read more →


Compare and Contrast

Take two objects, people, ideas… whatever… Identify their similarities and differences… Write them down in a worksheet… Compose a conclusion… That is what we have done in 2nd grade after studying the animals. We have compare Crocodiles to Monkeys.   Read more →


The Rainbow Fish

One of the big Projects of Infant Education is called “The Water” and during the second term, all students of 3 years old investigate everything that they want about it. They really learn a lot! In the English class, they also learn a lot of things about the water and taking advantage of this theme we like reading the famous… Read more →


The Sword in the Stone

The year is 726. A sword called Excalibur is stuck in a stone. Only the true King of England can take it out. Meet King Arthur, Gwynevere, Sir Robin, Lancelot, Morgan La Fay and Merlin in this incredible and hilarious play. The theatre company Face2Face performed the play “The Sword in the stone” last 26th January in the school hall.… Read more →


Wild Wild West

Yeehawww!! Last Friday afternoon, all children of Infant Education enjoyed “in the theatre”. The company known as Face2Face came to Arturo Soria School once again, to play one of its English shows. There is nothing like a live performance! We saw the play: Wild Wild West and we lived a lot of adventures with Johnny “the bad cowboy” and his sister… Read more →

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Face2Face “The Sword in the Stone” play resources

The Sword in the Stone Meanest Witch In Town OK everybody, it’s time to get nasty! when i sing, you repeat, okay? Lets go! i’m a bad witch Morgan Le Fey The Holy grail i’ll steal today Double, double Toil, trouble Fire burn Cauldron bubble i’m the meanest witch in town and i’m gonna find the grail yeah i’m the… Read more →


Lions and fish

Last week 3rd grade students identified the differences and similarities between lions and fish. They carried out this high order thinking skill (compare and contrast) using different graphic organizers. This is the result. Read more →

Merry Christmas 2017!

At Arturo Soria School we celebrate Christmas as a happy time for our students. Yesterday, the children came dressed for the Christmas festival as snowmen, reindeers and elfs, and they made an impressive dancing and beautiful singing too. They performed songs such as “I am a little snowman”, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” and “Santa is coming to town”.  … Read more →

Thinking Based Learning: compare and contrast

Last September, Robert Swartz came to Arturo Soria School again to finish with his workshop about Thinking Based Learning strategies. After three years of training, teachers have a lot of tools and knowledge for applying it in our classes and practice with our students. Once again, the strategy named “compare and contrast” has been used in infant education, but now… Read more →


Halloween 2017

Last Tuesday, 31st we celebrated Halloween at school and, as usual, we had lots of fun while doing many activities. Early, in the morning, the school was already full of monsters! Ghouls, witches, mummies, vampires… Soon after the break, we all gathered at the school hall to share chants and songs. 1st Grade 2nd Grade       3rd Grade… Read more →


Halloween 2017

Last 31st October wasn’t a common day at Arturo Soria School. We celebrated Halloween, everything was decorated and kids wore great halloween costumes and scary make-ups. At the end of the day, we ate special biscuits and as every year, children of infant education sang typical halloween songs with some primary students too. We took some funny pictures. Have a look!  … Read more →


The Colours of Autumn

This is being a super busy time in the English classroom. Learning, singing, speaking, playing and sharing. This time we wanted to show you how everything is changing around us because of the Autumn Season. Do you want to learn a beautiful poem? The Colours of Autumn Red like the apples on the apple tree. Black like blackberries, pick some… Read more →


Autumn little artists

Kids are natural artists and they enjoy creating and exploring new things. As Autumn is here and we are learning about it, last week they became little artists and made a wonderful painting stamping colourful and messy materials: they painted with Autumn fruits! Chestnuts, pomegranates, walnuts and apples were their paintbrushes and it was the result.     Stimulating children’s… Read more →


Getting ready for Halloween!

Halloween is just around the corner! In order to get in the spirit of the day, our students have already stated making some decorations, practising chants and songs. The countdown has started! Read more →