Welcome back from Infant Education

A very warm “Welcome back” to all our families and specially to the new families who have joined us at Arturo Soria School this school year 2017-2018. It has been great to see all the pupils again back and we would like to thank to the parents their colaboration during this busy month. As every year, we are already working… Read more →


Dear Children and Parents, we are so proud to announce that we are back in business again!!! These first days have been crazy, organizing and preparing everything, classrooms, English boards, materials… but we are back and hope we enjoy another school year as we usually do.   See you around! Read more →

The Travel Guide project

Do you want to travel to a foreign country and have no idea about what to see, what to do, how to travel, where to stay, what restaurants to choose… Don’t hesitate and take a look at the projects the students in 6th grade have made. They gave these presentations to the rest of their classmates last week.     Read more →


The Town Song

The end of the school year is near. We have worked a lot, but we have also learnt so many things. We have learnt to sing songs and dance. We have learnt to act out in front of the camera. We have learnt, above all, that learning English is fun!   Read more →


Reading Buddies program

Little by little we are trying to set up a “Reading Buddies” program with our students. This is pairing older and younger students together to read aloud to each other. A few weeks ago, 6th graders went to see our 5-year-old ones and our first graders and read several books with them. Read more →

Every year 10 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean

  Plastic Change is an international organization based in Denmark. They raise awareness about the consequences of the increasing plastic pollution of the oceans and the environment in general. The amount of marine plastic waste will double over the next 10 years and if we do not act, the oceans will contain more plastic waste than fish by weight in… Read more →