We all go traveling!

Hello everyone! The 3 and 4 year olds are going to start the school year traveling around the world and visiting very interesting places! We need to be prepared, so the first step has been to know about the different transports that we can take for our journey and to decorate our classroom with everything that we have learnt about. It looks… Read more →

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Water challenge

Are you wasting water? Did you know that the average person in the UK uses 150 litres of water a day? That’s for drinking, washing, cooking – all the water we use around the house. Read more →


Welcome Back

  Back to school!!! We know it is October, but we have been super busy preparing all the novelties we have this year that we will reveal little by little. We continue with our book Big Questions, remember to listen to the songs and stories after you listen to them in the classroom. Remember to watch TV in English, read… Read more →


Describing yourself.

  5 years old students are sending a beautiful message to you all and to themselves… Be yourself everyday, be yourself in everyway. Who you are, is wonderful! Yor can be anything that you want to be!       Read more →


What are you wearing?

First Primary students asked each other questions about what clothes were they wearing. They practised the vocabulary of the unit and all of them took part and enjoyed the activity. It was so fun! Read more →

English Board Games

In 4th grade English Conversation, we spent the last couple of weeks designing and playing our own board games to review vocabulary that we learned throughout the year. Each of the groups switched their games with another group so they got to try them out. They had lots of fun! Read more →

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  At last, and sorry for the delay, these are being very busy days… Here you can watch two of the recordings taken last 4th of June in our School Hall. The first one corresponds to the performance in the morning, and the second one to the show offered to the parents in the afternoon. Nothing but to say that… Read more →

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On the links below you can find useful resources to practice for the Cambridge examinations taking place at school next Wednesday 13th June. Read more →

Two Friends Have an Adventure

The fifth graders in 5B worked effortlessly to write and practice their own role play, which is called “Two Friends Have an Adventure.” After several classes and time spent practicing at home, we recorded the play in class. Enjoy! Read more →

The Crazy Flight Attendant Play

The fifth graders in 5A spent several classes this spring writing and rehearsing their own play during English Conversation. As a class, we brainstormed ideas and then voted on a final theme, which was “The Crazy Flight  Attendant.” Each of the children spent time outside of class learning their lines and then we came together to record the final performance.… Read more →

Fairytale Role Plays

In May the second graders practiced three fairytales during English Conversation: Chicken Little,  Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs. After a lot of hard work, they performed them for the class. Here you have them. 2A: https://youtu.be/GMOJELgAtlA 2B: https://youtu.be/-dbw7cYb84Y Read more →

Weather Forecast in 3rd Grade

7A342F02-D1C8-49FC-87E2-A32B06391492This spring students worked on making weather forecasts in small groups during English Conversation. They chose a city around the world and invented the weather conditions for the following days. After they practiced, we recorded them and some of the groups were featured in our final forecast video.

Click on the following link to watch:


The Outer Space

Have you ever looked at the night sky and wondered, “what else is out there?”. Space exploration is a children natural curiosity. The Universe, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon, the planets… Children at 5 years old class are having the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity as they learn and explore about space travel, astronauts, planets, stars… If you want… Read more →


My City Project

  We have developed a project about the city in 5 years old class. But where to begin? We started having a long conversation about what they knew, places they used to go and connecting things they do over there with the city they live in and the city they would like to have. Gathering the students around a pile… Read more →


Dear classmate…

3rd grade students have been very busy these days writing and decorating some postcards they’re going to exchange among themselves. We have already sent them, so now all the students are waiting impatiently. Don’t forget to check your mailboxes everyday! Read more →



After reading  London – A day in the city, 4th graders have been working on different projects about interesting places to visit in the capital of England. Read more →


Welcome to Arturo Soria Restaurant

The key to healthy eating is to enjoy a variety of food. Nowadays, it is very important to learn how to eat healthy and that is the reason why in 4 years old, children are investigating and learning about the different types of food: fruits, vegetables, grain food, seeds, legumes… They know that a healthy diet will help them to… Read more →

2nd Grade

In unit 7, we are practicing how to ask who the owner of an object is. The questions “Whose is this…?” and “whose are these…?” are the structures we are dealing with in this group, in this unit. To learn things better we believe that songs are essential, that is why we have prepared this videoclip for us to learn and… Read more →

Arturo Soria Newscast in 4th Grade

Recently we wrote and performed our own newscasts in the 4th grade classes. Each of the groups prepared their stories based on something that was happening in or out of school at the time. The students enjoyed adding comedy to their productions. We hope you like watching! Click on the following links to watch the videos: https://youtu.be/t6zVn3knuJQ and   https://youtu.be/8EHGJ2PKE3Q Read more →


New Term- New Project

During this term, the project that we are working on (4 years old class) is about plants and insects. As you know, in every project we usually read some popular books related with the topic, so this time, we have chosen “The very hungry caterpillar”. What a wonderful book! It teaches kids about eating healthfully and the process of becoming… Read more →

Early Humans Project

Can you imagine yourself travelling back in time? We have done it in 5 years old class and it has been terrorific! We have learned how they lived working on a super project about early humans and we can tell you everything we know about it now. Do you want to take a look?! Read more →


Easter Bunny!

Since a few days ago, we have been receiving different clues around Infant Education building: cards with messages, rabbit foot prints on the carpets… so that means…..something is going to happen!! Toda y is the last day before Easter holidays, and as every year someone very special has come to visit us. Can you guess who? …. Yesss! Easter bunny!!… Read more →

Master Chef

The past couple of weeks in English Conversation we’ve been working on a Master Chef Project in 6th grade. Read more


Project Based Learning

At our school, we use a Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy in Infant Education. It is a student centered pedagogy where kids learn about a subject. It integrates knowing and doing, and it involves teachers, children and families too. There is no right or wrong answer so it helps children to take risks and learn a lot! As we all… Read more →

What do you want to be when you grow up?

We’ve been learning about jobs in 5 years old, Leopards’ class. Doctor, police officer, vet, firefighter, dentist, pilot, librarian… They identified jobs they already knew and jobs their family members have. They also learned some new and did role-play. And much more! A storyelling, a song, a self- portrait and very interesting conversations.                … Read more →