Author: Amanda Nodorft

English Board Games

In 4th grade English Conversation, we spent the last couple of weeks designing and playing our own board games to review vocabulary that we learned throughout the year. Each of the groups switched their games with another group so they got to try them out. They had lots of fun! Read more →

Two Friends Have an Adventure

The fifth graders in 5B worked effortlessly to write and practice their own role play, which is called “Two Friends Have an Adventure.” After several classes and time spent practicing at home, we recorded the play in class. Enjoy! Read more →

The Crazy Flight Attendant Play

The fifth graders in 5A spent several classes this spring writing and rehearsing their own play during English Conversation. As a class, we brainstormed ideas and then voted on a final theme, which was “The Crazy Flight  Attendant.” Each of the children spent time outside of class learning their lines and then we came together to record the final performance.… Read more →

Fairytale Role Plays

In May the second graders practiced three fairytales during English Conversation: Chicken Little,  Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and The Three Little Pigs. After a lot of hard work, they performed them for the class. Here you have them. 2A: 2B: Read more →

Weather Forecast in 3rd Grade

7A342F02-D1C8-49FC-87E2-A32B06391492This spring students worked on making weather forecasts in small groups during English Conversation. They chose a city around the world and invented the weather conditions for the following days. After they practiced, we recorded them and some of the groups were featured in our final forecast video.

Click on the following link to watch:

Arturo Soria Newscast in 4th Grade

Recently we wrote and performed our own newscasts in the 4th grade classes. Each of the groups prepared their stories based on something that was happening in or out of school at the time. The students enjoyed adding comedy to their productions. We hope you like watching! Click on the following links to watch the videos: and Read more →

Wild Animals and Pets

We continued to learn about animals in 1st Grade this week and we practiced distinguishing between pets and wild animals. First, we watched a video about a young girl’s favorite pet and then we played the flyswatter game, as seen in the photos. At the end of class, the students worked on an animal crossword puzzle in pairs.   Read more →

Winter Olympics 2018

This week, in 6th grade, we learned about Winter Olympic Sports, given that the Winter Olympics just took place in Pyeongchang, South Korea. First, we read about each of the sports and then we categorised them according to the type of sport. After that, we played Jeopardy to test what we learned. The students really enjoyed it!   Read more →