Author: Cristina Caparrós

Learning about our body parts

Hello! In the 1st and 2nd grade of Infant Education we have been learning about our body parts. We have learnt very cool songs and we have played many games to practice this vocabulary. Here we are having some fun while reviewing all that we have learnt.  Read more →

Halloween in Infant Education

Hello everybody!   Last 31st of October no children came to Arturo Soria school. Instead, many different scary creatures attended our school to celebrate a Halloween party. We played together, sang songs and even got to trick or treat. It was so much fun! Read more →

We all go traveling!

Hello everyone! The 3 and 4 year olds are going to start the school year traveling around the world and visiting very interesting places! We need to be prepared, so the first step has been to know about the different transports that we can take for our journey and to decorate our classroom with everything that we have learnt about. It looks… Read more →

Welcome to Arturo Soria Restaurant

The key to healthy eating is to enjoy a variety of food. Nowadays, it is very important to learn how to eat healthy and that is the reason why in 4 years old, children are investigating and learning about the different types of food: fruits, vegetables, grain food, seeds, legumes… They know that a healthy diet will help them to… Read more →

New Term- New Project

During this term, the project that we are working on (4 years old class) is about plants and insects. As you know, in every project we usually read some popular books related with the topic, so this time, we have chosen “The very hungry caterpillar”. What a wonderful book! It teaches kids about eating healthfully and the process of becoming… Read more →

Easter Bunny!

Since a few days ago, we have been receiving different clues around Infant Education building: cards with messages, rabbit foot prints on the carpets… so that means…..something is going to happen!! Toda y is the last day before Easter holidays, and as every year someone very special has come to visit us. Can you guess who? …. Yesss! Easter bunny!!… Read more →

Project Based Learning

At our school, we use a Project Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy in Infant Education. It is a student centered pedagogy where kids learn about a subject. It integrates knowing and doing, and it involves teachers, children and families too. There is no right or wrong answer so it helps children to take risks and learn a lot! As we all… Read more →

The Rainbow Fish

One of the big Projects of Infant Education is called “The Water” and during the second term, all students of 3 years old investigate everything that they want about it. They really learn a lot! In the English class, they also learn a lot of things about the water and taking advantage of this theme we like reading the famous… Read more →

Wild Wild West

Yeehawww!! Last Friday afternoon, all children of Infant Education enjoyed “in the theatre”. The company known as Face2Face came to Arturo Soria School once again, to play one of its English shows. There is nothing like a live performance! We saw the play: Wild Wild West and we lived a lot of adventures with Johnny “the bad cowboy” and his sister… Read more →

Merry Christmas 2017!

At Arturo Soria School we celebrate Christmas as a happy time for our students. Yesterday, the children came dressed for the Christmas festival as snowmen, reindeers and elfs, and they made an impressive dancing and beautiful singing too. They performed songs such as “I am a little snowman”, “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer” and “Santa is coming to town”.  … Read more →

Thinking Based Learning: compare and contrast

Last September, Robert Swartz came to Arturo Soria School again to finish with his workshop about Thinking Based Learning strategies. After three years of training, teachers have a lot of tools and knowledge for applying it in our classes and practice with our students. Once again, the strategy named “compare and contrast” has been used in infant education, but now… Read more →

Halloween 2017

Last 31st October wasn’t a common day at Arturo Soria School. We celebrated Halloween, everything was decorated and kids wore great halloween costumes and scary make-ups. At the end of the day, we ate special biscuits and as every year, children of infant education sang typical halloween songs with some primary students too. We took some funny pictures. Have a look!  … Read more →

Autumn little artists

Kids are natural artists and they enjoy creating and exploring new things. As Autumn is here and we are learning about it, last week they became little artists and made a wonderful painting stamping colourful and messy materials: they painted with Autumn fruits! Chestnuts, pomegranates, walnuts and apples were their paintbrushes and it was the result.     Stimulating children’s… Read more →

Welcome back from Infant Education

A very warm “Welcome back” to all our families and specially to the new families who have joined us at Arturo Soria School this school year 2017-2018. It has been great to see all the pupils again back and we would like to thank to the parents their colaboration during this busy month. As every year, we are already working… Read more →

Inter-level city project.

  During this school term, among other things, our little ones have been working so hard learning new vocabulary related to the professions (1st infantil), means of transport (2nd infantil) and shops and city places (3rd infantil). And as a final project, we all have created our special city map which is on exhibit in our hallway. Come to visit… Read more →


Sharing stories, talking, singing and enjoying books every day is crucial in the development of children. It helps with their ability to listen to and understand words, sparks their imagination and develops their speech, as well as creates a connetion with the little ones. For that reason, we were really pleased when a Mom of our schoolers came to Arturo… Read more →

Thinking skills

Can we teach the schoolers to be more creative and critic? At Arturo Soria School we strongly believe that yes! Teaching thinking and problem solving is one of our main target, and Compare&contrast our favourite dynamic that we use in English Class. It consists in setting one object against another to take similarities and differences, and get a conclusion. By… Read more →

Halloween 2016

Last 28th October, we had a super fun festival at Arturo Soria school. We listened to some chants performed by our 1st and 2nd grade friends, and we sang and danced some Halloween songs in our creepy theatre created for this special occasion. After that, we trick or treated all together, and ate some spooky sweets. What a fantastic day!… Read more →

Deep Blue Sea

This week, we have been very busy exploring the deep blue sea, talking about sea animals and even comparing their size and color. We read “More, more, more!” an underwater adventure about a whale bored of his unusual snack!. Read more →

How do you feel today?

Successful schools ensure that all students achieve basic skills such as reading or Math… But what about social and emotional skills? Recent researches indicate that feelings are associated with success in many areas of life, so it is very important to incorporate  them in the school schedule. From Arturo Soria School we think that working on feelings and emotions has… Read more →

English theatre at school

Face 2 face is an educational theatre company made up of great professionals that came to Arturo Soria school to produce the famous play known as “The Frog Prince”.  It was protagonized by actors who are native speakers and it was a good opportunity for reinforce English learning through songs, actions, humour and mime too. The play was completely performed  in English… Read more →

The Frog Prince

In spite of that rainy day, all the classes of Infant Education of Arturo Soria School have spent the morning in El Centro Cultural de Sanchinarro to see an English theatre named “The Frog Prince”. It has been so good to see how they really enjoy with this kind of activities even if they are in a different Language. Have… Read more →

Puss in boots

“Once upon a time…. There was a miller who had 3 sons. When he died he left his mill to the eldest son, his donkey to the second son and his cat to the youngest , who had always been his favourite.” Read more →

Role playing

A Role- play is a type of pretend play where children get into characters and act out a role or real life context. In other words, it is what you do when you are pretending to be another person and using your imagination to speak and think and even feel like that character.   Role playing in Infant Education is… Read more →

Learning body parts

One of the best ways for learning is playing and enjoying. Pitufos are learning about the human body and body parts. As they already know the name of the main parts,  today, they have made a boy. Singing and dancing a funny song is another way to learn new vocabulary and have fun in the class.       They… Read more →

Farm animals

Duendes (3 years old) are learning about farm animals. Would you like to know who lives on the farm of Arturo Soria School? 🙂   Have a good weekend!               Read more →

Getting ready for the winter

Hi everyone!   Outside is very cold and winter is coming… So last Friday, Alison, our conversation assistant had a great idea: to make a snowman in the class: with its hat, the red scarf, the carrot nose…. It was a really funny game. Read more →

Boo! Boo! (Infant Education)

Last Friday, Halloween spirit arrived to our school. We enjoyed together and had so much fun with 1st and 2nd grade too. We sang some Halloween songs and ate sweets. It was a great time trick or treating. Also We had time to make crafts and play with them. All the children dressed up in scary Halloween costumes. Thank you to all… Read more →