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Project in progress

Last week, we began a very interesting project with students in 6th grade. The project consists on creating a travel guide on English-speaking countries. For now, our children are working on different destinations. Next week,they will present their work to the rest of the class and, finally, publish this guide. Read more →


Knowing how to tell the time in English is quite important;

3rd graders are learning about how the clock face is divided and how to express very formally, when the minute hand is pointing to “o’clock”, “half past” and the “quarters”

Play bang on time to practice how to tell the time



Book Week Celebration

A little late, but not too much, we publish this post about the celebration of Book Day, to do so we did different activities along that week, from 18th to 22nd April. Apart from “Reading Buddies”, explained in a former post, we provided children with many different books, paper and digital ones, in order to complete a Book Report after reading it. These… Read more →

Treasure Island (Face2Face)

Last April 15, the theatre company Face2Face visited us again, as former years, to put on a show in the school hall. The show called “Treasure Island”, full of fun and crazy situations, was a great success. We all enjoyed, sang and laughed a lot. Some of our students joined the actors and performed different characters.   Read more →

Reading Buddies

Reading buddies is a program in which two or more individuals read together. Older students can read with younger students. This activity can help model good reading. It helps develop fluency as well as a sense of pride in their accomplishments. Reading to younger students can help them develop a love of reading and a greater motivation to read.   During… Read more →

The Ants’ Party

This week we have started preparing the play: THE ANTS’ PARTY with our 3rd-Graders. On the following link, you can find the Audio Track for the story, so you can enjoy the reading with your children. Therefore, they can practice the pronunciation of their lines. We encourage you to let the children read the script out loud and show you… Read more →

Awesome Art Contest (5th Grade)

The following are the winners of the first round. Ten are the finalist. Look carefully to the drawings your classmates made and choose your favorite one. When you have made up your mind, tap on this link and find the survey created for this competition. Good Luck to the finalists!   VOTE NOW! Read more →

The Box (5EP)

Last week, 5th graders finished one of the most popular English conversation activities that they have done this year.  Not only did this activity get students talking, it also worked on their critical thinking and decision making skills.  They had to think about a morally difficult situation and also justify their reason for making this decision. The class started out… Read more →

Ebony and Ivory

Dear Parents, Next Friday afternoon we will celebrate ‘School day of Non-violence and Peace’. During this week we are preparing the song “Evory and Ivory ” by Paul McCartney. Children are learning the words and they will sing together on the day of the celebration. Ebony and ivory live together in perfect harmony Side by side on my piano keyboard,… Read more →


Learning with the iPad is fun, especially if you have apps like OSMO. Last Friday, two students shared with us this fun gadget that turns the iPad into a moving receptor to interact with it and practice English , mathematics , art … Osmo is a packet which is divided into four more boxes. The first contains a base for… Read more →

The Coolest Inventions of 2015

What makes an invention great? Sometimes, an invention solves a problem you didn’t think could be solved. Sometimes, an invention solves a problem you didn’t even know you had. And sometimes, an invention just makes life more fun. An Oceans Vacuum Cleaner There’s a collection of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s bigger than Texas—and growing.… Read more →

The English Class

Learning a language can be fun… Especially if you learn it trhough playing games, singing songs, speaking with your friends about likes and dislikes… And what if we put all these activities together?   Read more →

The Fortune Teller (5th Grade)

The fortune-telling is the practice of predicting information about a person’s life.   You can use different methods like astromancy, tasseography (reading tea leaves in a cup), cartomancy (fortune telling cards) and chiromancy (palmistry, reading of the palms). Our children found out what their future is going to be thanks to Alison, our palm reader , and conversation assistant.  The students… Read more →

Parts of the face (3rd Grade)

As we have already told in former posts, we are practising Parts-Whole Relationships, one of the skills in Robert Swartz’s Thinking Based Learning strategies.   In this occasion, we have been learning about the function of different parts on our face: mouth, nose and eyes. Working mainly in groups, after deciding what we couldn’t do if one of those parts… Read more →


During the beginning of the school year, we have started using the Classdojo app in the classroom and provided children with their codes in order to be able to access to the website and view their own feedback points from class. We encourage you to participate and join classdojo too, creating a new account or signing in to your former… Read more →