Daily Five

At this stage of the game, all of you have already heard about this methodology.

Children are very happy when Daily five day comes. They know what they have to do, at every different station. The expectations are clear.

We have started introducing this system that comes from the States to help students improve the four skills (listening, reading, speaking and writing), detect problems they could have and guide them to achieve their goals.

These first sessions, children have practised three different activities at three different stations:


Read to self, where they have to read alone and in silence and, later, to write down a conclusion and an opinion on the book.


Word work, here they work with words, sometimes they are words related to the topic we are working in the English lessons at that moment, or high frequency words we need our students fix or learn.

Work on writing, where they write, and write, and write, sentences, paragraphs, stories…