“Surfin’ U.S.A.”

Hi everyone!

Do you remember the project about knowing the culture of the English speaking countries that children started last year with Sherlock in England? This year, the country we are leaning about is…. the United States of America!!! During this term, the main topic has been related to the location, the flag and some of the most important symbols.

To start with the project and to create the motivation between the kids, a lot of planes appeared in the school! How weird! Why are all these planes here? They asked.

Then, they were given a personalized “plane ticket” to fly to New York where our adventure was going to start!

We have made activities to learn about the United States flag and the location of the country.

Also, we have had the pleasure to know the Statue of Liberty and even turn into her with a torch, without forgetting how funny has been to learn about some of the symbols.

From here, we would like to thank to the families their participation on the project bringing pictures, videos and amazing crafts too. Next term we will continue with the project and everything you can share with us will be welcome 🙂